Ume Acupuncture
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Cupping has been used for thousands of years, not just in China but also in Eastern European countries, for clearing colds, injuries and pain.

It has had some press over recent years with celebrities endorsing the method through acupuncture treatment, it is quite recognisable as it leaves large ‘petechiae’ circles on the skin. This is due to the drawing up of blood and energy to the area. Acupuncture is all about this movement of blood and energy (we call this Qi), as often a deficiency or stagnantion of blood and Qi is the root cause of pain, immobility, frequent colds, emotional stress, a low immune system, fertility issues and more.

Cupping can release areas that are stuck or immobile and help create a rush of healing blood and energy to the area, it can also help draw out and eliminate pathogenic factors such as Heat and Cold. It can be incredibly uplifting for the emotional state and is used on specific acupuncture channels and points on the body.

There are various types of cupping which are used differently depending on a Full Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis:

  • Flash Cupping fast powerful cupping on one or more points or channels

  • Static Cupping 1–5 cups are positioned on the diagnosed area and left for up to 20 mins. Particularly good for clearing stagnant areas of pain and immobility.

  • Moving Cupping static cups that are shifted around the area (usually a large area such as back or shoulders)