Ume Acupuncture
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Moxa Therapy

Moxa is a herb called ‘Mugwort’. It has medicinal healing properties in Chinese Medicine and also burns very well on the body, transferring the nourishment of the herb into the acupuncture point or channel.

Moxa Sticks

Moxa sticks are usually used to warm, nourish a channel or a site of pain.

Moxa Cones

Small cones are burnt close to the skin (but never too close!), to impart nourishment into specific points, to create an opening and warming affect to activate Qi/blood and at times to enhance needling. The cones produce a strong calming and relaxing affect.

Moxa Box

Moxa can be burnt close to skin level in the protection of a box, which allows the healing and warming properties of the herb to penetrate over larger body areas. For example, this is very effective over the uterus area for the treatment of stagnantion, indicated in heavy painful periods or trouble conceiving.