Ume Acupuncture
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Client Testimonials

“Went to see Sadie for general aches and pains, after one session my hip pain is COMPLETELY GONE and my shoulders feel much better. It's so nice to have this time for myself, she is so attentive and caring in her practice. Plus I have a spring in my step that I've not had for ages – totally recommend for anyone who just needs a bit of TLC or serious work for pain management.”

– Amanda, Worthing


“Sadie is a really lovely person. She is also a very experienced and accomplished practitioner. She is both kind and very professional. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

— Sarah, London


“Sadie treats so intuitively, I look forward to my weekly sessions and cannot believe how much better I feel… I feel like ‘me’ again.”

— Belinda, London


“Sadie is an excellent therapist.”

— Sheena, West Sussex

“After just one treatment, my long term psoriasis has faded dramatically without the use of harsh steroid creams, my moods have settled and I have more clarity of thought, and I have slept better in the past week than I have in years... I am so excited to see the results after a block of treatments. I couldn't recommend Sadie enough!”

– Jay, Worthing


“Sadie treated my teenage son for a year. He has HF ASD and, at the time, high levels of anxiety coupled with low mood. He refused all other offers of therapy but happily went to Sadie every week. He really enjoyed his sessions and said he felt more connected with himself, more in balance and less anxious and more relaxed after each session. He felt very comfortable with Sadie and found her to be a warm and supportive safe space.”

— Emma, London


“Sadie is warm and empathetic. She ensures you are comfortable and explains her planned treatment for you with great care. One treatment was so timely that she stopped an infection in its tracks and prevented it from becoming a chest infection.”

— Lesley, Reading